Divine Light Meditator
Cynthia Henderson

Divine Light Meditator initiated by Sri Amma Bhagavan @ Oneness University and O&O Academy in Chennai, India.

Also certified as Mindfulness Meditator & Teacher by School of Positive Transformation. Master Certified Facilitator for Myers Briggs. Recently completed Deepak Chopra’s certification in Primordial Sound Meditation.

Scientific Research has shown

This is what meditation can do for you!

Recharge yourself like you Recharge your phone!

Personalized Gift Packages

Give guided PERSONALIZED (customized with their names included) meditations to spouses, partners, family, friends, or colleagues for special events or commemorations. 

1 Personalized Meditation @ $19.95

3 Personalized Meditations @ $39.95

5 Personalized Meditations @ $59.95

Meditation Focus Areas

Be Present

Focused on centering your body and thoughts on being present and available to where you are and what you are doing and your surroundings. The energy will be directed to focusing on “what is” and allowing your mind to find the good in your situation, and embrace what’s good about it, and be aware.

Be Intentional

Clarify the focus of what you do want to have and create the mindset, consciousness, and action energy to manifest what you want.

Be Stress-Free

Allow yourself to be anxiety free and live your life with minimal stress. Being clear about what you are allowing to take up residence in your mind and body, especially during the holiday season.

Be Joy-Filled

Celebrate and appreciate your gifts, talents, abilities, health, relationships, prosperity, and create those that you want to bring you joy. Be the joy you seek.
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