Customized & Personalized Gift Meditiation

Send a gift of a guided 15-minute meditation to a loved one, spouse, partner, friend or colleague that is customized with their name in the body of the meditation. A very special gift that’s different and can last throughout the year. Consider celebrating these occasions with a personalized meditation: 

Meditation will be sent via text or email at a time designated by you. 

1 Meditation

1 Customized Meditation
$ 19
1 personalization
  • Select a date
  • Choose text or email
  • Select an occasion

3 Meditations

3 Customized Meditations
$ 39
3 personalizations
  • Select a date
  • Choose text or email​
  • Select an occasion​

5 Meditations

5 Customized Meditation
$ 59
5 personalizations
  • Select a date
  • Choose SMS or email
  • Select an occasion​

All personalized meditation require 5 days from date of purchase to delivery.

Enjoy this Sample Meditation

Thousands have experienced the oneness of Meditate with Cynthia now you can too! Enjoy this free sample meditation on us.

So happy you came. As a thank you, please let us send you a complimentary PERSONALIZED birthday meditation.